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Would you like to improve the signal quality of your Baofeng walkie talkie? Our Baofeng walkie talkie antennas are the perfect solution for you.

They are designed to improve the signal quality and reception of your device. Whether you need an antenna with greater range for outdoor adventures or a shorter antenna for indoor use, our selection of walkie talkie antennas offers the flexibility you need to maximize communication with your team.

Furthermore, our customer support is always available to help you select the right antenna and to solve any issues. Buy a walkie talkie antenna from Baofeng and get the peace of mind you need to maintain communication with your team. Order today and take your communication to the next level!

Antenna V-85
100% brand new, high quality, factory packed and never used.
Original Baofeng SMA-Female antenna for Baofeng UV-5R.
This is an original Baofeng UV-5R SMA-female antenna.
Connector: SMA-female (17 cm length).
Frequency: 136/174 MHz and 400/520 MHz.
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3.13 €
8.95 €
Baofeng ST20 Antenna
Baofeng ST20 dual-band antenna at 144 MHz and 400 MHz.
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4.08 €
Antenna AR-772
New Mini Antenna AR-772 SMA -Female UHF 400-470Mhz Antenna for BaoFeng UV-5R UV-82 BF-888S 9R Plus Walkie Talkie
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4.43 €
Antenna Baofeng XL 38 cms
100% new antenna with long range transmission and reception.
Antenna for walkie-talkies bibandas, designed exclusively by Baofeng for our Baofeng radios.
This antenna is not compatible with the UV-9r plus or other waterproof models. 
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6.48 €
12.95 €
Mini Car Antenna with Magnet
Baofeng Mini Car Antenna with Magnet VHF UHF 144/430MHz Radio Antenna for BAOFENG UV-5R UV-82 888S UV-10R Walkie Talkie
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7.74 €
12.90 €
Antenna VHF AR-1106
SMA-Female VHF 136-174MHz Telescopic Antenna For Baofeng uv5r bf-uv-b Plus bf888s uv82 uv-9r Plus Walkie Talkie.
It is a must-have for outdoor and camping use, while greatly boosting the signal of your radio! Extend the range of your communication.
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7.74 €
12.90 €
Flexible Antenna AR-776
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Flexible antenna for Baofeng walkie-talkie AR-776 Titanium sma-female 144/430MHz, double light band, UV-5R UV-9R PLUS UV-S9
AR-776 titanium SMA-female 144/ 430MHz VHF UHF dual band light solid state antenna for Baofeng UV-XR waterproof walkie talkie two way radio
The AR-776 antenna is made of titanium (titanium is widely used in aircraft manufacturing). It is very light and strong. The titanium material can also be stored. After being bent, it can be restored immediately.
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7.88 €
19.69 €
Antenna Diamond SHR-805
Original SMA-F Diamond SHR-805 connection for all our walkie-talkie models available on the web. 
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8.03 €
12.95 €
Telescopic antenna AL-800
Telescopic dual-band 144/430 MHz SMA-F high-gain antenna. This high-quality telescopic antenna is designed for our BAOFENG walkie-talkies.
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8.72 €
24.90 €
Antenna DM-5R
Baofeng VHF/UHF dual band antenna, THIS BAOFENG DM-5R WALKIE TALKIE TALKIE SERIES ANTENNA is also valid for any Baofeng walkie-talkie.
This antenna can be used on any walkie talkie or transmitter with SMA-F connection.
18 cm long. Flexible
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8.95 €
Antenna RH-770
14Harvest RH-770 Telescopic SMA-Female Connector VHF UHF 144/430MHz Dual Band Antenna For Baofeng UV-5R UV-82 TYT Walkie Talkie
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8.98 €
14.97 €
Antenna AR-152
Baofeng Walkie Talkie AR-152 Tactical Antenna SMA-Female Dual Band VHF UHF 144/430Mhz For Baofeng AR-152 UV-5R UV-82 BF-888S
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9.34 €
Antenna Diamond RH701
Diamond RH701 SMA-F Female Dual Band VHF/UHF 144/430MHz Soft Antenna For Baofeng UV-5R BF-888S UV5R UV 5R Walkie Talkie Radio
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9.75 €
Antenna NA-777
NA-777 Colorful Dual Band VHF/UHF SMA-Female Walkie Talkie Antenna for Baofeng UV-5R UV-82 BF-888S Ham Portable Radio
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10.45 €
Antenna Diamond RH-771
RH-771 de diamante de doble banda UHF VHF, 144/430Mhz, antena SMA hembra para Baofeng UV-5R, UV-82, BF-888S, DM-5R Plus, Walkie Talkie
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10.45 €
Antenna Nagoya NA-771R
NAGOYA NA-771R Telescopic Dual Band Walkie Talkie Antenna VHF/UHF SMA-Female for Handheld Radio Baofeng UV-5R UV-82 BF-888S
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10.95 €