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In our warehouse in Europe, we have a wide selection of high-quality headphones designed to provide a premium audio experience. With a variety of models available, from wireless headphones to wired headphones, each one offers crisp and clear sound, deep bass, and a comfortable fit. Perfect for personal or professional use, our headphones feature noise-cancellation technology to eliminate distractions and allow for total immersion in sound.

Whether you're enjoying your favorite music or conducting an important video conference, our headphones deliver superior sound quality in any environment.

Headset Earphone 1 Ptt
Walkie Talkie Ohrhörer K-Plug Zwei-Wege-Amateurfunk Kopfhörerkabel für Baofeng BF-888S UV5R Walkie Talkie 992 Earwear.
Kompatibel mit BAOFENG UV-5R / 5RA / 5RA / 5RA+ /5RB / 5RC / 5RD / 5RE / 5RE Plus / UV-82 / BF-480 / 490 / 530 / 999 / 888 / 777 / 666S / 777S / 888S.
Verwandte Anwendungen: Nachtclubs, Bars, Paintball, Sicherheitsdienste, Restaurants, Hotels, Flughäfen, Kasinos, Produktionsstätten, Kongresse, Konzerte, Lagerhäuser und laute Umgebungen.
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3.98 €
7.95 €
PTT throat earpiece
PTT headset compatible with Baofeng walkies. It has a talk button with remote microphone and PTT.
Using medical silicone rubber, the headset is very comfortable to use.
By detecting the throat vibration, the sound is directly converted into electrical signals, they are suitable for a variety of high noise environments.
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13.67 €
21.36 €
PTT throat earpiece WP
The Baofeng throat PTT (Push-to-Talk) headphones are communication accessories designed to facilitate the transmission and reception of messages on two-way radios, especially those manufactured by Baofeng. These headphones differ from conventional headphones in that they feature a built-in microphone and speaker in a device that is placed around the throat, allowing for discreet and hands-free communication.
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13.70 €
24.90 €